Contract Research Organizations with Blaze Technology


1.  Blaze 900 with PF-Raman, Wasatch & Tornado



1.  Blaze 900 with PF-Raman, Wasatch


Article: Crystallization Process Development 2: Peptide Crystallization

1.  Blaze 900 with PF-Raman, Wasatch


1.  Blaze 900 with PF-Raman, Wasatch

2.  Blaze 900 with PF-Raman


Article: API Crystallization & Formulation Solutions for Today's Drug Development Needs

1.  Blaze 900 with PF-Raman, Kaiser & Tornado

2.  Blaze 400 with PF-Raman, Kaiser & Tornado

3.  Blaze 900 with PF-Raman, Wasatch

Blaze and Reactor Compatibility & Communication

Blaze has worked with most integrated automated lab reactor companies to assure proper probe tip location within their reactor systems. In addition, Blaze enables bidirectional communication through OPC UA enabled reactor systems.

ITA INSTRUMENTS may be the future of advanced parallel work stations. They are certainly pushing small scale multiple reactor technology to the next level. ITA today is primarily in chemical synthesis labs, but with the soon to be released overhead stirring we expect quick acceptance in the particle engineering development lab. ITA and Blaze will integrate hardware and bidiretionally over OPC once the overhead stirring is in place.

SYSTAG REACTOR SYSTEMS have advanced control and enabling PAT abilities. They have parallel processing and control with complete PAT integration and full Systag-Blaze bidirectional communication via OPC. Systag also offer ePAT, an integrated control box allowing the advanced automation of your jacketed vessels, also allowing full advanced PAT through Blaze-Systag bidirectional OPC communication.

SYRRIS REACTOR SYSTEMS  The Syrris flexible jacketed reactor system allows easy change of scale and easy cleaning combined with excellent hardware.



EasyMax® and OptiMax®  iC Control only has OPC outputs. Blaze-iControl OPC single direction communication has been enabled for transfer of iC data (from dosing to to temperature to IR) to the Blaze UI for trending, saving, and post process evaluation. Though ports are compatible, and the Blaze 276mm probe allows excellent probe tip location with minimal process impact from 30ml to 1L, not all MT ports are designed with proper probe tip location in mind, please see Blaze manual.  With proper probe tip location, a single Blaze probe provides Best In Class PAT across the range of MT reactor sizes. This not only reduces costs and ease of use, but also provides a significant benefit related to data repeatability across scale.



Raman Systems Typically Paired with Blaze Probes





We have paired Blaze Particle Focused Raman Technology with over a dozen brands of spectrometers.  Though where feasible, we will work with any spectrometer you may have, we have found the three above stand out considerably due to their unique attributes for PAT application space.

Understanding Laser Classification Basics

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