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CRO/CDMO Utilizing BlazePAT

  • Downstream Bio Processing

  • Crystallization 

University Engineers & Scientists Utilizing Blaze Technology

Bi-Directional Communication Between Blaze UI Software & Process Control Software

OPC-UA (Open Protocol Communication) or Peer-to-Peer Communication Established With:

+ any other reactor system with OPC Communication

Systag Reactor Systems & FlexyPAT Automation

Systag reactor systems have advanced control and enabling PAT abilities. They have parallel processing and control with complete PAT integration and full Systag-Blaze bidirectional communication via OPC. Systag also offer FlexyPAT, an integrated control box allowing the advanced automation of your jacketed vessels, also allowing full advanced PAT through Blaze-Systag bidirectional OPC communication.


Radleys and Blaze have collaborated to transfer process data to the Blaze UI as well as make reactor specific heads for optimal use of BlazePAT in the Mya-4 and other reactor systems.


Information coming soon.


Chemglass  and Blaze have collaborated on the design of reactor heads for optimal use of BlazePAT in 50 and 100ltr Chemglass reactors.

Reactor System Providers Collaborating with Blaze

Blaze will work with most spectrometers, but optical match (signal throughput) and other factors impact performance and ease of use. See our technology page on Blaze Particle Focused Raman for understanding Blaze-Raman integration and Blaze perspective on spectrometers.

Raman Hardware Collaboration


Spectrum Processing, Evaluation & Scientific Search

Advanced Chemometric Analysis Tools

Raman Collection & Other Spectroscopy Collaboration

Blaze Metrics provides service through our engineers and technicians. Please contact us at or contact us here.

For Pre-Blaze Tools we developed, please contact Sretek for PM's, on-site, or depot repair. Sretek also services ReactIR and EasyMax. Ti, the owner of Sretek, started with Richard Becker at Lasentec (where FBRM* and PVM* were developed and pioneered) in the mid-1990's. Although FBRM & PVM are antiquated technologies, it will take years to replace all of them with today's enabling BlazePAT systems. People often ask the Blaze Field Team about service or running the older software on Windows 10, Ti at Sretek is the answer. Best prices, fair service.


Reference Material

CRO/CDMO | University Developers | Reactor Process Control & OPC Communication | Raman Collaboration

Every Application for FBRM, PVM (ev), TU,  or Process Raman is a Blaze Application

  • Every application paper published with FBRM CLD can be reproduced and in most cases significantly improved with BlazePAT CLD.

  • Every application paper published with PVM can be reproduced and in most cases significantly improved with BlazePAT Microscopy.

  • Every application paper published in Blaze application space with Turbidity (we have not studied applications out of Blaze space) can be reproduced and in most cases improved with BlazePAT HDR-TU.

  • Every Raman application paper published focused on the dispersed phase particle system (ie crystals/amorphs/ blends/impurities) can be reproduced and in most cases significantly improved with Blaze Particle Focused Raman.

  • Test BlazePAT in your process, let the BlazePAT system prove our words.

  • In most cases BlazePAT brings a significantly higher level of process understanding speeding up and reducing the cost of process development.

  • For process control applications, BlazePAT measurement speed, precision and accuracy allows best in class process understanding and control.

Single Probe - Optional Particle Focusing 532nm and 785nm Raman

What makes Blaze Particle Focusing Raman possible?

  • Dispersed phase enhanced measurement zone, improving signal from dispersed phases, such as polymorphic forms

  • Shallow Depth of Field - Significantly improves linearity when changing solids concentration.

  • Raman excitation at 532nm and 785nm

  • Ensure there is no interference between process analytical measurement equipment

  • Enhanced security features not found in other tools

The Blaze Raman measures the same volume as the Blaze HDR Turbidity. Image-based chord length distribution (ID-CLD) from a more restricted volume.

Blaze provides Enhanced Raman Safety

  • Visible Green Light is emitted out the window of the probe whenever the invisible 785 nm excitation is on. Green used during alternating mode does not generate noise. Yet the visible Green greatly reduces the risk of eye exposure potentially cased by the invisible 785 nm excitation.

  • Raman Utilization is Password Protected. Other BlazePAT remains accessible.

  • Mechanical Shutters and electronic shutters are utilized for redundant protection. Two separate Key Locks allow Blaze Microscopy and derived statistics can be used by those not yet trained on Raman and without the key and password, they do not have access.

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