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Blaze I General Specifications

Standard Probe Dimensions (mm) for all models:

BlazePilot 600mm can be immersed. Excellent probe location typical to 50ltr without dip pipe

Blaze Standard Lab Probe 276mm can be immersed. 

BlazeLab from 3ml to 5ltr typical with excellent probe location.

Blaze Short Lab Probe 206mm can be immersed. 

    Probe Customization Available. Flow Cells available.

  • Particle Velocity & Change in Particle Velocity Independent to 20m/sec.

  • Probe length for proper probe positioning is critical for repeatable measurements in changing size, solids, shape, viscosity, systems.

  • Wetted tip: operational temperature range: -10 to 95°C(-10°C requires N2 Purge; 131°C process dependent)


  • Wetted tip non-operational: temperature range: -10 to 131°C (with N2 Purge. Blaze can be steam or chemically cleaned in place)

  • Pressure limit: 6 bar (custom to 22 bar available)

  • Wetted materials: Sapphire, Hastelloy C276/C22, Gold, Nickel, and either an EPDM or Kalrez Oring (custom materials available)

  • Conduit Length:  2.6m, 4.2m, or 7.6m, custom available.

  • Laser Rating: Blaze400 and Blaze900 are Class lM laser devices, customization to Class 3B for extended Dynamic Range.

      Optional Raman typically requires a Class 3B Laser rating. 

      BlazeF545 is a Class 3B laser device.

  • Computer/Software: Blaze Acquisition and Review software runs on Windows 10. A dedicated computer provides imaging speed but often Spectroscopy and Reactor control software are run on the same computer.  Office versions are provided, view-able image quality and data reprocessing speed is dependent on your computer.

  • Optional Purge: to remove condensation (clean, dry nitrogen required)

  • Optional Raman: spectroscopy integration (Blaze or customer supplied laser source and spectrometer; Blaze System Laser Rating is based on the Raman laser source). See Raman option section.