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Single Probe - Multiple Enabling PAT

Unique Patented Single Optical Path Technology Enables Cost Effective Robust Multiple PAT


Blaze patented Single-Optical-Path Technology has allowed us to take multiple analytical technologies, improve their capabilities, and combine them into a single probe. This has created both an enabling combination of measurement tools while reducing the cost of ownership through reduced capital costs, installation costs, maintenance costs, and utilization costs.

Single Port Implementation: Ease of Use

Reduce setup time, implement multiple measurement technologies simultaneously through a single port, reactor or pipeline, from small to large scale, continuous or batch, lab to pilot plant to production.

Single Probe: Reduce PAT Impact on Mixing,  Thermodynamics and Scaleup

Fewer probes means fewer baffles and fewer cold fingers impacting mixing and thermodynamics. This also improves the relative impact of the probes as you scale the process from lab, to pilot, to plant.

Guaranteed Use of Mutually Supporting PAT

Guaranteed utilization of orthogonal PAT tools increases the value gained from each experiment.​

Improve Understanding & Speed of Development

​Simultaneous use of best In class PAT & microscopy.

Reduce guess work, improve process understanding, speed decision making.​

Reduce Cost of Use and Ownership

  • Reduce time to implement process to process, leads to reduced cost of PAT utilization.

  • Lower capital costs.

  • One Probe with Single Optical Path technology substantially reduces maintenance costs.

  • Robust probe designs with minimal moving parts, built with 30+ years of PAT design and development experience. We carry the knowledge and experience of implementing thousands of PAT systems from lab to pilot to plant

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