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30 Years | Envisioning, designing, developing, and applying...

Single Probe - Multiple Enabling Particle Analytical Technologies 

Who We Are

At Blaze, our goal is to help make the world a better place through the design, manufacture, and application of enabling Process Analytical Technology.  As we continue to innovate, we continue to improve both our tools and the ability of Blaze Users to push science and engineering to new levels. We strive to drive innovation & learning in our field.

Where We Come From 

What We Do

Blaze Metrics develops, manufactures, and assists in the application of technologies that enable scientists and engineers to understand, control, and improve their chemical & biological processes and products. Blaze technology is used globally in a wide range of industries from Pharmaceuticals to foods.

Our patented Single-Optical-Path Technology has allowed us to both take multiple analytical technologies and combine them into a single probe as well as enable Blaze to create unique Analytical Technologies that bring enabling capabilities to our users.

Our Background

The founders of Blaze Metrics pioneered FBRM®*, PVM®*, & FBRM®* C35. In 2014 they began developing the next generation tools, and today Blaze sets the new standard for PAT in the lab, scale-up, and in manufacturing. 

*Copyright and technology for FBRM® and PVM® sold by Lasentec to MettlerToledo

Global Footprint

Blaze is growing rapidly, taking the world and application expansion one step at a time, expanding only as fast as we can provide quality support.

The majority of the top 20 pharma and specialty chemical companies already have Blaze systems. Please contact us to see which groups within your company currently work with Blaze.

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