FBRM®*  PVM®*  I C35  FBRM/Raman Combo  I  Turbidity 

Blaze HDR Microscopy  I  HDR Turbidity   I  Combined Spectroscopy  Particle Size

Blaze Process Analytical Technology  

30 years  I  Envisioning,  Designing,  Developing, and Applying . . .


Jon Hokanson
Blaze Metrics, CTO

Lasentec, CTO/Owner, 1986-2001

Mettler Toledo, CTO/Consultant, 2003-2014

Richard Becker
Blaze Metrics, Managing Director

Lasentec, GM/Owner, 1991-2001

Mettler Toledo/Lasentec, BU GM, 2001-2004

Metler Toledo Innovation Manager, 2008-2012

Christian Roehr
Blaze Metircs

Chief Software Innovation Officer

 Lasentec and Mettler Toledo
 Signal to Information, 1995-2012

steve_baric_photo_bw May 2021.jpg

Steve Baric
Blaze Metrics, Director of Partner Relations

 Lasentec and Mettler Toledo, 1990-2012

APC, 2013-2020


Gregor Hsiao

Blaze Metrics, Quality & R&D

Lasentec and Mettler Toledo, BU;
Product Marketing & App Development



Steve Becker

Blaze Metrics, Principal Software Engineer

Verizon, Sr.Technical Staff, 2007-2017

Software Development Manager, 1999-2007


Johann Bartenstein
Blaze Metrics, Application Engineer

 ETH Process Engineer MS, June 2019

Joe Oliva.png

Joseph Oliva
Blaze Metrics, Application Engineer

 Purdue Chemical Engineer PhD, May 2019

Eric Schmucker.png

Eric Schmucker

Blaze Metrics, Senior Software Engineer
Verizon to XLedger, Sr. Software Engineer, 1999-2019

Arnel Canlas

Blaze Metrics, Production / Logistics Management

Lasentec and Mettler Toledo,

Technician to Production Foreman, 1988-2014

 *Copyright and and technology for FBRM® and PVM® sold by Lasentec to MettlerToledo