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14-Bit High Dynamic Range (HDR) Turbidity

Dynamic range measuring from low to extremely high dispersed phase concentrations


Blaze High Dynamic Range (HDR) Turbidity (TU) extends:


  •  The measurable range between the minimum detectable value of back-scattered light (no to low dispersed phase i.e. earlier cloud point detection vs traditional tools) to the largest amount of back-scattered light (highest dispersed phase concentration with the smallest particle sizes -- hence the most scattering surface area -- i.e. detecting attrition or size reduction at the highest solids loading and smallest sizes). 

  • Working at 14 bit (16,383 steps of change across the range from black to white) Blaze HDR TU retains sensitivity to change from low to high dispersed phase concentrations.

  • ​Blaze Limited Depth of Field Technology both further extends the measurable range as well as provides significantly improved measurement linearity over changing solids and/or size.


Note: Turbidity is a function of particle number, particle size, surface features, and opacity. Blaze HDR TU operates effectively from highly translucent to black solutions.

Blaze HDR TU is used for tracking milling from micron to nano scale at high solids, to differentiating adjutants at process concentrations to measuring optical transitions in the liquid and/or solid phase, and more.  Blaze HDR TU is an enabling new level of an old technology.

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