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Blaze Open Protocol Communication (OPC-UA)

For Real Time Import of Externally calculated or measured parameters, i.e., Tr/Tj/dosing/gas flow/custom image analysis, and real time export of all Blaze Analytics and Images

+ any other reactor system with OPC Communication

Blaze Bi-Directional Communication via OPC-UA

Blaze uses OPC to transfer Statistics Between Blaze UI Software, PAT i.e. Spectroscopy Software, & Process Control Software. Real-time reactor & other PAT inputs (i.e. Tr, Dosing, pH, Raman,…) can be fed to the Blaze UI for real-time trend & microscopy compare as well as saving for future evaluation. Blaze stats can be sent to control platforms such as Perceptive Engineering, Systag FlexyPAT, & iControl for real-time control action &/or data logging.

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