Non-Explosive Environment

Blaze Pilot Production tools for Non-Explosive environments.

The Basic Non-Explosive Environment

  • 14-Bit HDR In-Process Microscopy

  • 14-Bit HDR Turbidity

  • Image Analysis Derived CLD (Chord Length Distribution)

  • Interchangeable Probe (detachable) system for changes in resolution and/or probe dimensions

  • All in a single patented probe optical system

121419mm OD x 276mm L Probe Meso Basic Pilot Cad Capture.png

The Platform Non-Explosive Environment

  • All technologies included in The Basic

  • Particle Focused Raman

  • Internal Raman 785nm excitation Laser included in the Blaze system

  • Simultaneous or alternating Microscopy and Raman​​

  • Raman Safety System vastly superior to the Safety of current standard Raman systems​​​

121419mm OD x 276mm L Probe Meso Platform Pilot Cad Capture.png