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  One Probe with multiple enabling analytical tools  In-Process

Best in Class, Next Generation PAT all in one probe:

  • CLD:  Blaze Advanced Chord Length removes flow speed artifacts of the past and reduces multiple other artifacts. A-CLD, now combined with microscopy for true understanding, provides a method you can reliably use to track change in Particle Size & Count. In addition, Blaze A-CLD enhances resolution of both change on the fine and course end of the distribution. 

  • High Dynamic Range Microscopy:   Blaze highest Contrast, highest resolution, & highest dynamic range in-process microscopy enables a next generation understanding of multiple phase particle systems as well as two phase systems at the highest solids & smallest particle sizes. 

  • High Dynamic Range Turbidity: Blaze HDR Turbidity is pioneering a new capability in PAT. It can measure visibly imperceptible change at extremely low solids and/or of extremely small nano-meter particles as well as track large or small changes in high solids dense phase particle systems (i.e. 40% solids). And where required, it can identify and measure optical transitions in the liquid and/or solid phase.

  • PF-Raman (Optional): Blaze Particle Focused Raman (PFR) is a paradigm shifting complement to Kaiser, Tornado, Wasatch, an other spectroscopy systems. Blaze PFR dramatically increases the Raman signal captured from dispersed phase particles. Having enhanced signal off of the dispersed particle system enables users to find and track polymorphs, solvates, hydrates, particulate impurities as well as differentiate multiple component systems to an enabling degree that was not previously available in-process. These enhancements also make it much easier for occasional users to track change that used to be challenging to identify. 

  • Blaze Importer in Real Time: Reactor inputs i.e. Tr, Tj, Dose, pH…imported Real-Time to the into the Blaze UI for saving, trending, and analytics. Systag, Easymax, and others supported.


Supportive Measurements: A-CLD and HDR Turbidity allow you to measure change with precision unmatched in visual microscopy. HDR Microscopy enables a true understanding of the change measured with the CLD & HDR Turbidity. HDR Microscopy and Blaze PFRaman add composition information to the particle system characterization suite.