One Probe I  5x Best in Class PAT Simultaneous Acquisition

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Blaze PF-Raman channel to Kaiser MR 10 on the same process both using the Kaiser laser and Kaiser spectrometer

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Blaze I 900  Tracking down to a 4µm mean end point in-process with A-CLD, HDR turbidity, & microscopy.

Matched off-line laser diffraction end point.

Note: Image resolution shown is based on your monitor. For full resolution, a 4K monitor is required.

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Blaze I 900  Tracking down to a 12µm median end point in-process. Off-line laser diffraction missed the small but significant population of course material, visually verified with Blaze Microscopy. 

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Common Application Areas

  • crystallization

  • milling 

  • dispersion

  • fill & finish

  • agglomeration

  • large molecule

  • small molecule

  • multiple phase

  • multiple component 

  • sub-micron to 100s of microns at full process concentrations

Supportive Measurements in One Easy to Implement Probe

A-CLD sizing and HDR turbidity allow you to measure change to particle size, shape, distribution, and number with precision unmatched in visual microscopy. HDR microscopy enables a true understanding of the change measured with A-CLD & HDR turbidity. HDR microscopy and optional Blaze PF-Raman add composition information to the particle system characterization suite.