Eliminate the guess work.  See the detail.  Measure the change.

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One Probe:

♦  Easy to implement:

     Single port implementation of multiple measurement technologies

     from lab to pilot plant to production

     Reduces Setup Time

     Work with multiple technologies at volumes from 3ml fill in scintillation
     vials, to 1mm I.D. lines in flow chemistry and other continuous processes,

     to 1000s of Liter vessels 


     Guaranteed utilization of supporting PAT tools increases the value gained from
     each experiment.


 Improves decision making and reduces process development time

     Mutually supporting simultaneous measurements and microscopy eliminates the guess work


♦  Reduced Cost of Ownership:

     Lower capital costs

     Reduced time to implement process to process hence reduced cost of PAT utilization

     One probe with Single Optical Path technology substantially reduces maintenance costs

     A probe built with 40 years of PAT experience and minimal parts makes for a robust probe

     Blaze designs with the future in mind. The goal is to reduce future costs while providing  

     access to next generation technology as it becomes available through cost effective upgrades

     and add-ons.