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Pilot & Production Tools

Single Probe - Multiple Enabling Particle Analytical Technologies 

ATEX & NFPA Explosion Proof Tools

  • BlazeBasic ATEX/NFPA 70 systems for Class 1 Zone 1

  • BlazePlatform ATEX/NFPA systems including Raman for Class 1 Zone 1

  • Pipeline, Reactor, dip-pipes for larger reactors, and flow cell mounting available​

Non-Explosive Environment Tools

BlazePAT Tools built for Non-Explosive Pilot & Production environments. In-process real time:

  • 14-Bit HDR Microscopy

  • Image Derived Particle Size & Count by CLD

  • HDR Turbidity


  • Blaze Polarization Microscopy

  • 532 & 785 nm Excited Raman 

All in a single probe.

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