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Blaze Detachable/Interchangeable probes and compatible Blaze systems will start shipping September 2022. This capability allows the user to swap between:

  • A choice of probes with different dimensions, i.e. 276mm vs 461mm.  

This capability, much like switching microscope objectives, allows a single BlazePAT system to appropriately address a wider range of application at a greatly reduced cost over purchasing a second system.

In addition to simply extending the application range, the interchangeable system saves time and money:

  • A) where probes need to be sequestered in i.e. High Potency Reactors, you can leave the probe but take the rest of the system, pair it with a different probe, and utilize it elsewhere.

  • B) where probes need to be serviced, a replacement or loaner can be supplied quickly and shipping is greatly facilitated.

  • C) Loaner Probes of different sizes and/or Field of View/Resolutions can be rented for use in infrequently addressed application space where a purchase is not yet justified.

The Blaze Lab Series & Pilot-Production Series probes are not swappable between series types. Lab tools are made to be light and easy to swap frequently. The Pilot-Production tools are made to be more robust, have additional cooling and water proofing, and are built for less frequent probe swaps.

From a Microscopy Field of View/resolution perspective, any probe type we make on the lab side we can deliver on the Pilot/Production side.