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  • Optical Resolution: < 0.780µm
    Same resolution in flowing systems.

  • Pixel Size:                 0.2µm square 

  • Pixel/μm:                   5 pixels per micron

  • Field of View:          400µm

  • Size confirmed with USAF 1951 target pattern defined
    by MIL-S-150A

  • Detection & Count from <200 nano-meter*

  • Visible features:  from >1μm*

  • Shape: from 1.4µm*

  • Size: to 60um with Size trending to 320µm

  • Limited volume measurement zone required for
    accurate population statistics

  • Images per minute: 3480 

  • Illumination:  532nm 

  • Stop Motion Pulse 10 to 20ns

  • Class 1 Laser Device Standard
    Note: Raman integration typically switches the Blaze class 1m to
    a class 3b Laser Device.

    *Particle system size/solids loading and optical properties dependent.
    All optical tools are impacted by the optical
    properties of the 
    material under investigation.


   Hardware Specifications:  See General Specifications    

   Optional​​ Spectroscopy Integration: See Blaze Raman Spectroscopy


Optical Resolution: < 0.780µm

Same resolution in flowing systems.

Blaze I 400​​ 
High Resolution Microscopy at ultralow &
exceptionally high solids loading

High Dynamic Range Turbidity

Optional Particle Focused Raman Spectroscopy

Particle & Particle System Analytics
Recommended for particle systems <60μm
Trending <0.8μm, Sizing 1 to 60 330μm, trending to 320μm.