Blaze I 400

One Probe

  • Same resolution in flowing systems (​Stop Motion
    Pulse < 20 ns)

  • Pixel Size: 0.2µm square 

  • Pixel/μm (Pixel Resolution): 5 pixels per micron

  • Size confirmed with USAF 1951 target pattern defined         by MIL-S-150A

  • Blaze has a limited volume measurement zone required for accurate population statistics

  • Images per minute: >2500 

  • Illumination:  532 nm 

  • Class 1 Laser Device Standard

  • Optional Spectroscopy Integration

  • Hardware Specifications

Optical Resolution: < 0.69µm

Same resolution in flowing systems

Blaze400 AFT March 2020.png
  • Recommended for particle systems <60μm
  • Trending <0.6μm*, Sizing 0.8 to 60μm, trending to 220μm
  • Shape Information: from <1µm*
  • Field of View: 400µm
  • Detection & Count from >200 nano-meter*
  • Optical Resolution (2020): < 0.690µm.
    Target limited to 0.78µm


Note: Raman integration can change the Blaze class 1m to a class 3b Laser Device. ATEX under development for both 532 and 785 nm Excitation.

*Particle system size/solids loading and optical properties dependent. All optical tools are impacted by the optical properties of the material under investigation, the key is to reduce these artifacts as much as physically possible.

Cambrex Blaze PVM.png