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Explosion Proof (ATEX/NFPA)

BlazeBasic ATEX/NFPA Class 1 Zone 1

Single Probe with Multiple Integrated Technologies:

14-Bit HDR Microscopy 

Particle Size & Count by CLD


Selection of BlazeMeso, BlazeMicro, or BlazeMilli Image Size and Resolution:


Interchangeable Probe (detachable) system at the Conduit-Field Unit Junction for:

  • Multiple probe use, i.e., installed in different reactors connecting to a single Blaze Field Unit

  • Changes between BlazeMeso, Micro, or Milli image size and resolution

  • Quick Service

  • Changes in probe configurations i.e. mounting flanges, dimensions, etc.

Pipeline, Reactor, dip-pipes for larger reactors, and flow cell mounting available​


Wall Mount or Cart Mount Available

BlazePlatform ATEX/NFPA Class 1 Zone 1

Single Probe with All BlazeBasic Integrated Technologies PLUS:

All technologies and capabilities included in the BlazeBasic ATEX/NFPA plus Raman.

532nm Raman Spectroscopy

  • Blaze 532nm Excited Raman with Enhanced Dispersed Phase Signal (Particle Focused) and fluorescence reduction

  • All in a single patented probe optical system

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